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i have nothing really to rant about. well, actually i do. i always have something to rant about. i make dennis miller look like an amateur, he just gets paid more.

evangelion. now, i haven't seen that much of it, only about 10 eps (dubbed *shudder*) and that horrible movie. did i mention FUCKING HORRIBLE???? ok, just checking. saw it several years ago fansubbed at a convention. GODDAMN FUCKING RIP MY GODDAMN EYES OUT, RAPE ME WITH A CRUCIFIX, FUCK JESUS HORRIBLE!!@#%^$#%^&#

best thing about the entire movie was nijyo's comment after 15 minutes of live action power lines, "brought to you by northern states power company!" the crowd cracked up. i figure, that about sums it up.

now, most of my friends out here in denver are anime snobs and elitest. you say "fansub" and they shudder and curse at your in japanese that was used in the meiji period. you should hear them curse the name evangelion and how gainax is anathema. well, not really, not especially now since gainax is nearly bankrupt...oh, wait, did i let that slip? heh. sorry.

that leads me to FLCL. fucked up, i say. too much angst. can gainax make one fucking series that doesn't have ANNNGGGSSSTTT in it? oh yeah, they blew their budget with nadia. now, mind you, i liked nadia, i also like kare kano, but, fuck me up the butt with a crock-pot:


gag me with a rectal thermometer.

and shinji, grow some fucking balls. my stuffed teddy bear has more balls than shinji. as the immortal bill hicks sez, "take another look, oh yeah, PIECE OF SHIT!"

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I tried to draw Eva. It didn't work out like I wanted it to.

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